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PDX - Ronald McDonald House East - Annual Christmas Party December 18th 2018

Description: Awesome evening of Joy and Smiles for Many! A night filled with Great Food, Fun Activities, Christmas Carols, Santa and TOYS! TOYS! TOYS!

ATL - Hughes Spalding Holiday Visit 12/20/18

Description: On December 20th, 7 Pilots from Delta, United, Trans States and Jet Blue visited Hughes Spalding to spread holiday cheer.

MEM - 2018 Le Bonheur Childrens Hosp Visit

Description: MEM Visit to Le Bonheur

CHO - 2018 UVA Visit


ORF - ORF PFK CHKD Christmas Toy Drive 2018

Description: ORF Pilots for Kids chapter donated much needed toys for the CHKD Christmas Toy Drive.

ROC - Rochester Regional Winter Wonderland


BOI - St. Luke's Children's Hospital visit November 27, 2018


MCO - PFK MCO Hospital Visits 2018

Description: PFK MCO Hospital Visits 2018


Description: CREW BREW 2018

MCO - Christmas in July 2018

Description: Christmas in July 2018 Toy Drive

ATL - 21st June 2018 visit to Hughes Spaulding Children’s Hospital

Description: On 21st June nine Pilot for Kids members spread joy at Hughes Spaulding Children’s Hospital.

ORF - CHKD Visit on May 18, 2018


IND - Dedication and Grand Opening, PFK Airplane Room, Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

Description: Pictures from our May 18th, 2018 Dedication and Grand Opening of our PFK Airplane Room at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis

MEM - 2017 Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

Description: Our 2nd visit to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN

PDX - 2017 PDX/Vancouver Visits

Description: Our PDX area PFKD's events this year were all simply amazing! Our Hearts were full once again bringing joy and many smiles to Children and Families.....

ATL - ATL – 15 Dec 2017 – Pre-Christmas/Holiday Visit

Description: **//** Santa’s Helpers: L-R: AJ Pope (Delta), Janet O’Kelly (hosp.), Dan Cooper (Republic), DJ Allen (Delta), Erin Moneymaker (Delta), Ben Harris (Delta), Steve Taglia (Delta), Anthony Hawkins (ExpressJet), Sam Barton (L3), Hannah Peavy (ExpressJet), Tim Crites (Delta), Alexis Scott (hosp.), Don Myers (Delta). **//** Hannah (elf-pilot) showing Anushi (hugging Grover) how to make the fidget spinner glow. **//** Tom Crites trying not to wake Chuying during repositioning. Then… **//** …success! (Notice PFK Paddington standing guard.) **//** Santa’s Selfies **//** And to all a good night!

SFO - 2017 - John Muir Medical Center

Description: On December 4th, 2017, we visited John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek. Pilots from Virgin America, United, and Jet Suite delivered toys to over 36 hospitalized children, and left gifts for even more newborns in the ICU. In addition to handing out gifts, pilots delivered balloons and wristbands. The children were so excited to see our volunteers, and the gifts left behind for the newborns were given to their parents who may have not yet had a chance to give their child a gift.

SFO - 2017 - Compass Clara House Visit

Description: On December 1st, 2017, a small group of pilots delivered gifts and visited with the resident children of Compass Clara House.

IND - 2017, Riley Children's Hospital


IND - 2017, St Mary's Child Care Centers


IND - 2017, Peyton Manning Children's Hospital


IND - 2017, IU Riley North


BOS - Hospital Visits

Description: Images from both Shriner's and MassGeneral Hospital visits

ORD - Rush Children's Hospital 2017


ORD - Lutheran General Visit 2017


CLT - 2017 December Levine Children's Hospital Visit

Description: 2017 December

IND - PFK/Airplane Room work in progress pics

Description: PFK/Airplane Room work in progress pics

FSD - PFK 2017 Sanford and Avera McKennan Christmas Visit

Description: Airline pilots from Delta, UPS, Skywest and United visited both Avera and Sanford Children's Hospitals in Sioux Falls to meet with the kids and spread some Christmas cheer. Paul Dokken (Delta), Lisa Strohchein (UPS), Aaron Svec (Skywest), Casey Delaney (United), and Mark Carolyn (United) donned uniforms and had the chance to spend their day off bringing over $1000 worth of gifts including stuffed animals, toys, games and pilot wings to the kids. Fun was shared by all and of course some flying stories were shared with the kids and their families. The ultimate goal was to bring a smile to the face of the kids but the experience was equally as rewarding for the pilots. Many of these children will be unable spend Christmas at home and the pilots were able to give them a couple gifts to lift their spirits during the holiday season. The Pilots for Kids FSD group have been spreading cheer to kids at Children's hospitals in Sioux Falls since 2012.

MCO - Ronald McDonald House Nemours Nov 2017


MCO - 2017 Hospital Visits

Description: The PFK Orlando group just completed their annual Holiday visits. We visited so many wonderful kids, and smiled, laughed and shared many stories with them. We met future Vets, Doctors, a future Cop, and even future Military and Helicopter pilots

IND - Donor Reception With Peyton Manning


IND - PFK/Airplane Room at PMCH...a few pics

Description: PFK/Airplane Room

IND - The hand and door of the room...

Description: PFK/Airplane room

MCO - Christmas in July 2017


ATL - ATL 14 June 2017 Visit

Description: Our small group before the 14 June 2017 fun: back row is Steve Taglia (DAL), Hannah Peavy (XJT), Ben Harris (DAL), Ryan Hickman (XJT), and Don Myers (DAL); front row is Matt Person (XJT), Taylor Dixon (hospital volunteer), and Kennedy Youmans (hospital volunteer) **//** William showing off his new Fidget Spinner to Ryan Hickman (XJT) and Ben Harris (DAL).

IND - PFK Airplane room plans at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

Description: Design plan

ORD - Drake School

Description: https://vimeo.com/user41822270/review/203697032/76fb08613e

ATL - March 2017 "Proof of Visit"

Description: Approaching our base of operations for the day. **//** Ready to hit the halls! **//** With Joe Basilone and Jake Anderson: Perhaps Makaylah (patient) would prefer the Clifford dog in Joe’s hand? **//** Aaron Boone getting OJT on how to don the protective garb. **//** Fatimatu (patient) knows there are big smiles under Howard Kwon’s and Nick Kaplan’s masks. **//** Erin Moneymaker is an instant friends with Jakari. **//** Bob Brinker putting a smile on VJ (and Mom & Dad, too!) **//** Zak Aman supplying Nick Kaplan with goodies before he enters a room. **//** Just before the last swing through the waiting rooms: First row: Ben Harris, Joe Basilone, Erin Moneymaker, Dieynabou Diallo (hosp.), Emily Grevlich (hosp.), Bill Hutchinson, Dave Biloz. Second row: Chip Pinyan. Third row: Howard Kwon, Nick Kaplan, Zak Aman, Jake Anderson. Fourth row: Mike Gofman, Don Myers, Aaron Boone. **//** Post-visit chow . . . doing what we do best?? **//**

FSD - PFK 2016 at Avera McKennan Hospital

Description: Christmas In July for kids at Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls Breaking a bit from tradition, several pilots from FSD decided to bring a little “Christmas in July” for kids hospitalized at Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center in July last year (2016) instead of December. Among those pilots volunteering their time were Chris Rossing and Paul Dokken of Delta Air Lines and Casey Delany from United Airlines. Chris Rossing’s daughter Annabelle also lent a hand by helping to hand out toys and games to some of the children and their families at Avera. All-in-all it was a very fun and rewarding day to help bring a smile to kids needing one.

PDX - 2016 PDX/Vancouver visits


ATL - ATL 2016 Holiday Activities

Description: At Called to Care (three photos): The Taylor girls; Tim Crites and Elizabeth; Stephen Watts and Anna. **//** At CCFAPA (two photos): Before the work; then the results, with new friend MaKayla (l) and Hannah Peavy (r)

PHX - Phoenix 2016

Description: Visit to Phoenix Children Hospital December 15, 2016. Twenty pilots from seven airlines joined us and visited 230 very special kids in the hospital. Pilots included Alison Glaser, Allison Ross, Lynsey Templeton, Jody Muhlitner, Andy Talbert, Nancy McMath, Jerry Johnson, Kenton Meehan, Tim Ellis, Rick Jansma, Lance Trobridge, Casey Clark, Alison Devereaux-Naumann, Jim Naumann, Mike Darnall, Scott Striclin, Michael Brucklier, and Dave Harmon. We brought a stuffed animal for each child and many items for the classrooms and playrooms for the kids to enjoy throughout the year. We are told that "the pilot visit" is one of the most anticipated of the year.

IND - Riley Children's Hospital, 16 DEC 2016

Description: Riley downtown, in the Child Life Room

MEM - Le Bonheur Visit Dec 13, 2016

Description: Here are a few pictures from our visit to Le Bonheur Childrens Hospital

IND - St. Mary's Child Care Center, FT. Ben Campus, 2016

Description: 139 kids, 15 pilots, three spouses. Not sure who had more fun...

MCO - December 2016 Hospital Visits


IND - Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, 2016

Description: PMCH, 09 December, 2016

CHS - MUSC Children's Hospital, Dec 8, 2016


IND - IU Riley North, 2016

Description: IU Riley North visit, 07 December

IND - St. Mary's 2016

Description: St Mary's Child Care Center, downtown, 2016

MCO - MCO PFK 2016 Flyer


IND - Indy PFK 2016 season Opener


ATL - 2 Nov 2016 Visit

Description: Group about to make lots of smiles: (back row, l-r) Dave Biloz, Ryan Meloney, Brooks Broeckelman, Doug Israelite, Ben Harris, Don Myers, and Matt Person. (front) Ms. Sondra Brooks. **//** Fun in the exam room: Ryan Meloney and Ben Harris with Jayla and Lashaun (and two purple Cleos)

ATL - 15 July 2016 Visit

Description: In lobby with the goodies: Steve Charles, Ben Harris, Johnny McGee, Alex Tibbs, and Hannah Peavy **//** Lots of bright, shining faces: Jonathan Roth, Ben Harris, Alex Tibbs, and Steve Charles with little Iliana **//** Steve Charles getting less attention from Asma than the stuffed elephant **//** Alex Tibbs and Don Myers “garbed up” to see a special person **//** Steve Charles, Alex Tibbs, and Ben Harris making Emanuel almost smile **//** At lunch: (left) Ben Harris, Don Myers, Steve Charles, and Hannah Peavy; (right) Camila Tibbs, Alex Tibbs, Jonathan Roth, and Johnny McGee

ORF - CHKD Visit on May 20th 2016 by Air Wisconsin Pilots

Description: Robbie Foglesanger, Sean Foley, Chris Goehausen, Rebecca Gowdy, Stacey Winslow

CMH - 2016 P4K Charity Golf Event

Description: Please join PILOTS FOR KIDS COLUMBUS as we endeavor to raise funds for the Homeless Families Foundation during the Second Annual Golf Outing at Willow Run Golf Course on Sunday Aug. 21. All proceeds will be used to purchase items for area children in need. The tournament registration fee includes a round of golf, cart rental, drink tickets and dinner. Payment and registration is due July 20, 2016. Please send your registration to Kristine Young, kayoung2829@gmail.com.

ATL - 17 Feb 2016 Visit

Description: Posed Group: Back row: Dustin Owen (ExpressJet), Rick Charles (Compass), Scott Theumer (Southwest), Greg Badgett (Delta). Front row: Don Myers (Delta), Haley Grimes and De’Ondra Fletcher (Hosp. Volunteers), Brooks Broeckelman (ExpressJet) // Candid: Discussing best techniques for eating in the cockpit!

JFK - New York Presbyterian Queens 2015 Holiday Visit


FSD - PFK 2015 at Sanford Children's Hospital and Avera McKennan Hospital

Description: Just a few weeks before Christmas, a group of pilots from Delta (Chris Rossing, Paul Dokken), SkyWest (Lisa Strohschein) and ExpressJet (Brian Rippe) in Sioux Falls, SD joined forces to bring a little spirit of the holidays to hospitalized kids in town. Armed with over $1500 in toys, games, plush airplanes and more, the uniformed pilots had the great pleasure of surprising and bringing a smile to the faces of several children and their families facing the stress of receiving treatment in search of better health during an otherwise happy time of year. // This was the fourth consecutive year a Pilots For Kids event was held in Sioux Falls (FSD) since 2012 when the local chapter was established. New this year was an event over at Sioux Falls’ other large healthcare facility, Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center. In addition to spreading Christmas cheer at Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls as has been done annually since 2012, Santa’s pilot helpers were happy to include the kids and their families at Avera this year as well. // Even though pilots and others many times have to be gone during the holidays because of their work schedules, the Sioux Falls pilots involved in this year’s Pilots For Kids events bring to memory’s forefront a quote by the early American writer Mary Ellen Chase who once said, “Christmas, children, is not a date. It is a state of mind.”

IND - Riley Children's Hospital, 2015


IND - St. Mary's Child Care Center, FT. Ben Campus, 2015


IND - St. Mary's Child Care Center, Downtown Campus, 2015


IND - IU Riley North, 2015


IND - Peyton Manning Children's Hospital, 2015


ATL - ATL 6 Oct & 19 Nov 2015 Visits

Description: 6 October 2015 visit. Front Row: Hamidah Ali (Hosp. Volunteer), Ryan Meloney (Endeavor), Brooks Broeckelman (ExpressJet), Mike Gofman (Frontier), Jon Roth (ExpressJet), Pam Barber (PSA), Nicole Woods (Hosp. Volunteer). Rear Row: Don Myers (Delta), Johnny McGee (NetJets), Greg Badgett (Delta), Chip Pinyan (Shuttle America), Hannah Peavy (ExpressJet), and Angie Millar (Delta). *** /// *** Mom and daughter, Evelyn, during 6 Oct 2015 visit with Ryan Meloney (ExpressJet) and Pam Barber (PSA). *** /// *** 19 November 2015 visit, before the wagons were depleted. Front Row: Hospital volunteers (and future healthcare workers) Rolla-Marie Wilson and Logan Dean. Rear Row: Doug Israelite (Delta), AJ Pope (Delta), JR Canales (Delta), Kevin Hines (Delta), Don Myers (Delta), Hannah Peavy (ExpressJet), Johnny McGee (NetJets), and Steve Taglia (ExpressJet).

ORF - CHKD 21OCT Visit

Description: Norfolk PHK members visited children at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters to do arts and crafts, and play games with patients.

MCO - December 2015 Hospital Visits


ATL - 20 May Visit

Description: - Howard Kwon gets a typical response from Nicklous Clark. - The 20 May attendees: Front: Stephen Watts (Delta), Angie Millar (Delta); Back: Howard Kwon (American), Johnny McGee (NetJets), Steve Taglia (ExpressJet), Brendan Stephen-Fowler (Envoy), Casey Rocke (ExpressJet), Elnova Williams (staff), Don Myers (Delta)

ATL - 3 Feb 2015 Visit

Description: ATL-1-Feb2015: Casey Rocke (EV) helping Steve McDonald (DL) don protective garb ATL-2-Feb2015: Deirdre Manke (DL) with Lexi and her mother ATL-3-Feb2015: ATL February Visit: (top) Johnny McGee (NJ), Steve McDonald (DL), Casey Rocke (EV), Kevin Hindes (DL), AJ Pope (DL), Don Myers (DL), (bottom) Heide (vol.), Angie Millar ((DL), Stephen Watts (DL), Greg Badgett (DL), Deirdre Manke (DL), Nithya (vol.)

IND - 2014 Season


MCO - December 2014 Hospital Visits


GUAM - 2014 PFK - Guam Memorial Hospital Visit

Description: On December 23, 2014 we visited Guam Memorial Hospital in Guam.

RDU - 2014 Christmas visit


CMH - CMH P4K Distribution 2016

Description: The Columbus Pilots For Kids Chapter is pleased to partner with the Homeless Families Foundation to serve children in need in central Ohio.

PHX - Past Visits


FSD - PFK 2014 at Sanford Children's Hospital

Description: On a cold, clear day in mid-December just a few weeks before Christmas, Delta pilots Chris Rossing and Paul Dokken, in partnership with Pilots for Kids, took time out of their schedules to spread some holiday cheer and visit the “Castle” also known as Sanford Children’s Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. With over $800 worth of toys in tow, Chris and Paul enjoyed both visiting the kids and distributing gifts that included such items as soft plush Delta planes, Lego kits, games, puzzles, soccer balls and more to current residents of the Castle. Having to spend time in a hospital as a kid is never fun and doing so during the holidays is even worse. But a visit from uniformed pilots handing out presents both impressed and delighted the kids and their parents alike and helped make their day a little brighter.

PDX - 2012 PDX/Vancouver visits

Description: Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital visits

PDX - 2013 PDX/Vancouver visits

Description: Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center - Vancouver WA

RDU - 2012 Christmas Visit


RDU - 2013 Easter Visit


RDU - 2013 Christmas visit


RDU - 2014 Easter Visit


MCO - PFK MCO Annual Golf Tournament and Car Show 2014


ATL - 16 October Visit - Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital

Description: - Teresa (hospital volunteer), Mike Gofman, kids/parent, Doug Israelite - The group: (top) Chris Perez, Don Myers, Jon Roth; (bottom) Marx Davis, Alex Cardenas, Doug Israelite, Mike Gofman - Traditional post-visit lunch at Sweet Auburn Curb Market

MCO - December 2013 hospital visit


FSD - PFK 2013 at Sanford Children's Hospital

Description: Delta pilots Chris Rossing and Mike Meyers distribute toys to sick kids at Sanford Children's Hospital just in time for the holidays in mid December 2013.

IND - Tribute to Art Hiatt


IND - 2013 Season